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The Joy of Jell-O at The Saguaro Hotel

Join us in exploring the art of entertaining with Jell-O with Sarah and Madelon. $50 (1 hr)
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Join the quirky housewives, Sarah and Madelon, as they take you on a Jell-O journey. Cooking with gelatin saw its rise to fame in the 1930s but reached peak popularity in the 1950s when it became the elaborate molded centerpiece of the dinner table. Gelatin-based entrees were quick to prepare, could be made well in advance of the dinner hour and retained their shape and consistency for days in the refrigerator. This was the perfect meal-planning solution for busy women acting as wife, mother, career professional and caretaker all in one.

Enjoy a welcome cocktail and then taste the housewives’ Jell-O concoctions - from canapés to spaghetti entrees to the show-stopper stained glass cake, this is a one-of-a-kind adults-only shindig you won’t want to miss!


Things to Know

This event is for ages 21 and older.
Handicap parking is available.
The organizer of this event is The Saguaro Hotel.

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The Saguaro Hotel, 1800 E Palm Canyon Dr Palm Springs, CA 92264

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Photo Credits: The Saguaro Hotel


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