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ADAFF Film Series: Program 6

A series of visually stunning and experimental films on Modernist design.

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Shape Shifters, USA, 2min. (David Solomini) A contemporary exploration of design, architecture and the human form, expressed in experimental dance, and performance art set in visually arresting locations. Intended to make us reflect and appreciate the human potential inside and out. 

Home Of Legends, Netherlands, 2min. (Dafne Wengers, Azad Shig Murad) Home of Legends offers spaces for Fnatic’s professional players to train, eat, come together and sleep, and the building can also be visited by fans. These two realities co-exist in this one building. 

Love Story By PPS, Portugal, 3min. (Nuno Rocha) Two strangers, a man and a woman, check in to a romantic hotel. On the way to their rooms they collide and inadvertently switch their room keys. He invites her for a drink at night, but she only sees his message the next day... Will it be too late? 

Conversations With Glass, USA, 4min. (Sacha Riviere) A conversation on Spirituality, Creativity, Mindfulness, and how they intersect with Glass Blowing. 

Above, India, 7min. (Vishal Vittel) Here, hope rises from the depths of a painful history on a journey to see life from above. 

Stair/Cases, Argentina, 22min. (Margarita Bali) Follow this creative process in close resonance to M. C. Escher´s work, bearing in mind his obsession with stairs, puzzling perspectives and infinity patterns.  

Enchanted Crimée, a Multistoried Architecture, France,31min (Sophie Comtet) Philosopher, dancer, writer, and acrobats have an artistic dialogue with the architecture of a social housing project under construction in Paris.

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Event Location

The Palm Springs Cultural Center (formerly known as Camelot Theatres), 2300 E Baristo Rd, Palm Springs, CA 92262

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