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ADAFF Film Series: Program 10

A set of films ranging from turning a backyard tree into a dining table, to comparing Renaissance design with engineering challenges of today, to one of America’s most controversial buildings, to what makes people feel at home.

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Tree To Table, In 10 Minutes (Chuck Cummings) A fascinating look at the yearlong process of turning a backyard Chinese Elm into a dining room table. 

Wood and Lead in the sky of Brescia, Italy, 11min. (Nicola Lucini) The dome of the Loggia di Brescia crosses Renaissance suggestions with engineering challenges of today. The behind-the-scenes of a great adventure. Brescia, a city suspended between innovation and culture. 

Starship Chicago, USA, 16min. (Nathan Eddy) They called it Starship Chicago: architect Helmut Jahn’s kaleidoscopic, controversial State of Illinois Center, which shocked the city when it opened in 1985, may not be long for this world. 

The Human Shelter, Denmark, 57min. (Boris Bertram) What people value or “need” in their lives, ties into a fundamental quality that any architect would be foolish not to cultivate: the ability to listen and perceive what makes people feel at home. 

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Event Location

The Palm Springs Cultural Center (formerly known as Camelot Theatres), 2300 E Baristo Rd, Palm Springs, CA 92262

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