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A Sunmor Alexander House 'Goes Green' See How!

This 1958 Alexander home was extensively remodeled in 2005 using green materials and vendors to make it energy efficient while still maintaining its midcentury modern style; learn how it was done! $35 (30 min)
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This Alexander home in the Sunmor neighborhood was built in 1958 during the height of the Alexander Construction Company’s relationship with Krisel and Palmer; building stylish modern-style tract homes with clean lines and simple elegance that were affordable and efficient to produce. Originally built as seasonal homes and weekend retreats, these homes were affordable for the everyday vacation homeowner who was coming to Palm Springs at the time. Flash forward to today and current owners of these architectural gems are living in the homes year ‘round, looking for ways to make them energy efficient without sacrificing the unique design elements of an Alexander home; but how?

The current owner purchased the home in 2005; it had been abandoned and neglected. He did an extensive remodel adding two casitas and incorporated green technologies, working with specialized vendors, materials and even nature to make this home totally energy efficient! On this tour he will share his knowledge with you about how his home was transformed while staying true to the original design. He will take you room by room pointing out the energy efficient features and the unique architectural features too! Each tour goer will receive a one-page handout detailing all the green features and specifics. So whether you are a midcentury modern home owner looking to ‘go green’ or a curious architectural fan who appreciates the features of an Alexander home, this tour has something for everyone!

The Friends of the Palm Springs Library is a non-profit organization established in 1971 that supports the Library through grants for specific events and equipment, and builds awareness within the community for the Library and its functions.


Things to Know

Check-in will begin 15 min. prior to tour time, no early admittance.
No Smoking.
No pets allowed.
No children under the age of 12
No food or drink will be allowed inside the home.
Parking is on the street, self-parking.
Photography is permitted for personal use only.
Eight tour times will be offered, the tour time limit will be 30 minutes.
The organizer of this event is Friends of the Palm Springs Library.


Event Check-in Location

This event occurs in Palm Springs. The event address will be printed on the ticket.


Photo Credits: Matthew Tapscott, FOPSL


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